How much do tattoos cost?

  • There are many factors to consider that determines the cost of a tattoo, such as a tattoo design, size, and which artist you choose. This makes it difficult to quote over the phone or email so an in-person consultation is required. All quotes are estimates and are subject to change.
  • A minimum charge of $100.00. This amount covers our set up costs.

Do you do piercing?

  • No, we currently do not.
  • No, you must be 18yrs or older. *No exceptions.*

Can I bring children and/or pets to appointments?

  • No. Having children and pets can be very disruptive for artists and clients. Please leave them at home and/or arrange a babysitter. This applies for pets as well.

How do I make an appointment?

  • Call or email here
  • We currently do not accept walk-in tattoos.

Can I bring in my designs/references for my tattoo?

  • Yes. Bring in as many references and ideas that you have. This will allow us to execute the tattoo you envision.
  • However, this is not a requirement. Giving us creative freedom is preferred; the more the better. This will maximize our creativity.

Does it hurt?

  • Generally yes. Depends on a few factors such as tattoo placements and size. Don't worry the pain is temporary and we'll take care of you!

Do you use numbing cream?

  • Generally no. We prefer that you don't, but please call for unique cases.